Benefits of Chartering your own Luxury Hotel Barge

Relaxing on your exclusive and private Luxury Hotel Barge while cruising the magnificent canals of France may seem impossible, but it is much easier than you may think. And often it is actually less expensive per person than booking just a single cabin but so much more flexible.

Families or groups of friends can charter any of the Luxury Hotel Barges. You will have the whole vessel to yourselves and she becomes a home away from home – except that the crew takes care of all the hard work!

Photo Credit: Belmond

For families, each Luxury Hotel Barge will cruise the same route as on its usual Classic Cruise, but we can create a bespoke itinerary, substituting many of the normal excursions with your preferred family activities such as a zoo visit, archery or a Go-Karting experience.

And we don’t forget the grown-ups, with private wine tastings, tours of family-owned châteaux, and eclectic local markets there’s something for everyone.

Photo Credit: European Waterways

An added benefit for a family charter is that there is no minimum age restriction so the whole family from babies to great-grandparents can have a unique shared experience. Oh, and separate meal times and menus can be arranged for the little ones to ensure a truly relaxed experience for everyone.

Groups of friends can also follow the usual Classic Route with all the fantastic included excursions or decide to choose a particular theme such as golfing, walking, cycling, wine appreciation, culinary or something more personalised. 

Imaging having your own private villa in France that takes you to a different location every day. Well, now you don’t have to image. Simply contact us, or talk to your local travel professional today, about how you can craft your own unique holiday experience.

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