What is The Luxury Barge Bubble?

Our collection of luxury hotel barges offers one the safest ways to explore Europe in 2021/22 – particularly if you charter the full barge. Some of the features of the luxury barge bubble include:

  • Smaller passenger numbers (8 – 10 passengers on average) means less people to be concerned about
  • The option to charter your own luxury barge – complete with qualified crew – so you don’t have to mix with strangers
  • Avoid crowded cities by cruising through rural, less populated areas which also has the advantage of exploring some truely unique places
  • Your dedicated vehicle for excursions is deep cleaned between cruises
  • Excursions are mainly to outdoor locations or private chateaux, wineries and more so you can avoid the crowds
  • Each luxury hotel barge undergoes a full ship deep clean between cruises to minimise any risk of contamination from previous guests
  • Your dedicated staff will be continual cleaning during your cruise to minimise any risk of accidential contamination
  • Each cabin has an individual aircon with HEPA filters so there is no circulated air between cabins
  • All food & beverage is served by the crew (no buffets) to ensure maximum safety onboard
  • Sanitiser stations are located around the barge so you can sanitise your hands often
  • All staff have undergone an enhanced ‘Covid Safe’ crew training program to ensure the highest standards are understood and met
  • All luxury hotel barges have English speaking crew to ensure accurate communication
  • In case of emergencies there is an English speaking medical back up doctor on call to assist you

Please note that the above information is indicative only and may vary from barge to barge. The current situation is being closely monitored and adjusted by our suppliers. Please contact Unique Cruises for more specific details regarding your particular cruise.