The Luxury Hotel Barge Bubble

10 Reasons why Luxury Hotel Barge Cruises are the perfect Post-Covid-19 Holiday

As we emerge from our forced holiday hiatus and start planning our next European holiday, we all need to be aware of the protocols that will ensure our health and safety.

Apart from the fact that your English speaking crew have undertaken, and continue to be updated on, enhanced Covid-Safe practices and that an English-speaking medical back-up doctor is on call, here are our top 10 reasons why a Luxury Hotel Barge Holiday is the perfect Post-Covid-19 holiday.

1. Small passenger numbers (8 guests on average)

The smallest Luxury Hotel Barge we offer has only 3 rooms which means a maximum of six guests onboard.  The largest we offer has only 10 room so a maximum of only 20 guests.

These are the ends of the scale but more than half of the Luxury Hotel Barge we offer have only 4 rooms with a maximum of 8 guests (+ 4-5 crew).

It stands to reason that the smaller the passenger number, the lower the risk.

2. Option to charter your own Luxury Hotel Barge – complete with qualified crew

With only three to ten rooms available, chartering a Luxury Hotel Barge is perfect for you and your family and / or friends to holiday together.

It might sound crazy to have your own private boutique hotel on the water but it is very possible and makes your, well deserved, holiday that much safer – because you know, and trust, all the other guests.

An added benefit (apart from the fact that your charter comes complete with Captain, Chef, Housekeeper and Tour Director), is that with a charter you can tailor make your own unique holiday experience.

Photo Credit: European Waterways

3. Cruise through rural, less populated areas

Avoid the major cities and crowded tourist places as your Luxury Hotel Barge cruises through smaller canals and gives you the opportunity to discover the very soul of Europe, exploring its wonderful countryside and historical treasures. Make use of the bicycles and take a ride further afield to really explore the region. The possibilities are limitless.

4. Dedicated vehicle for excursions (deep cleaned between cruises)

Visiting palaces, castles, chateaux, ruins and wineries is an integral and exciting part of any holiday in Europe. One of the things you will not have to worry about on your Luxury Hotel Barge holiday is climbing in and out of large buses.

Each of our Luxury Hotel Barge’s has a dedicated luxury passenger van that is deep cleaned between cruises. This means you and your family/friends (along with the crew) will be the only ones using the vehicle for the duration of your cruise holiday adding an extra element of safety.

Photo Credit: European Wayterways

5. Excursions mainly to outdoor locations or private chateaux, wineries etc.

Your Luxury Hotel Barge holiday experience is about discovering the very soul of Europe. This means getting off the beaten track and our excursions are mainly to outdoor locations, private chateaux or wineries. When you charter your own Luxury Hotel Barge you can control this even more – simply ask us for more information on how to make this happen.

6. Full ship deep clean between cruises

Most of our cruises start on a Sunday afternoon and end on a Saturday morning and with the average Luxury Hotel Barge being only 39 metres (128 ft) it is a much easier task to ensure each ship is deep cleaned between cruises. Safety is always a priority.

7. Continual cleaning during cruise

We all know that a one off deep clean, even between cruises, is not enough to guard against this crazy and infectious virus so continual cleaning is undertaken by the crew during the course of your cruise holiday allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment.

Photo Credit: Belmond

8. No circulated air between cabins (individual aircon with HEPA filters)

Although most of our time is spent enjoying the outdoors, it is important to know that there is no circulated air between cabins as each room has an individual aircon with HEPA filters adding to your overall health and safety.

9. All food & beverage served by the crew (no buffets)

Forget buffets, your onboard chef prepares your delicious meals and this is served to you by your fabulous crew. Not only is this safer but, lets face it, it is also a much nicer way to have our meal. Oh, and remember that if you have dietary requirements, please let us know well in advance so we can cater to your needs (some restrictions apply – contact us for more information)

10. Sanitiser stations located around the barge

Last but by no means least, you are encouraged to contribute to the Luxury Barge Bubble by ensuring you sanitise your hands regularly – including when embarking or disembarking the ship.

Photo Credit: Belmond

What is exciting about this list is that most of the items listed were standard practice prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and ensured our minds and hearts were always focused on the enjoyment and experiences of our well-deserved vacation and not on not on health and safety concerns.

Please note that this information was correct at the time of publication and is subject to change. Please conatct us for updated information on the Luxury Barge Bubble and your particular cruise.